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Foldable Shopping Bag In Pouch

Convenient Foldable Shopping Bag In Pouch

As well intentioned as we might be, we all have gone to the grocery store and forgotten to take our reusable grocery bags. Chances are, your bags are probably lumped together in a heep on the kitchen counter, forgotten once again. When this happens, the only alternative is to use the store provided bags which are horrible for the environment. With our foldable shopping bag in pouch, we make forgetting your bag a thing of the past. Our durable and lightweight shopping bag can easily fold up, and insert itself into a tiny carrying pouch. The foldable shopping bag in pouch makes it easy to clip your grocery bag to your purse or belt hook, ensuring you will never forget your bag again. Be environmentally responsible with the foldable shopping bag in pouch option from Promo Bags UK.

Our promotional cotton bags make it easy to take several reusable grocery bags with you wherever you may go. The large and durable grocery bag is able to fold down to just a fraction of its size, inserted into a tiny pouch. The pouch is closed with a convenient drawstring, ensuring your shopping bag stays in place. Not only does this make it easy to carry your promotional cotton bag anywhere you go, but it gives you the option to have a spare bag tucked away in your purse. You never know when you may be out shopping and may be left unprepared without a promotional cotton bag. Not only does this give you the option of helping to protect the environment, but the convenient and foldable aspect of the bag and pouch make it easy to always have a spare reusable bag stowed away.

At Promo Bags UK we also give the option to add a foldable shopping bag in pouch personalised touch. This means that your foldable bag can be completely customised, just like our other reusable bags. Our process to add the foldable shopping bag in pouch personalised touch uses the highest quality printing process. We use durable fabrics and ink to ensure that your image and personalisation stay in place for years to come. At Promo Bags UK we understand that your bag will probably be folded and mashed into the tiny pouch, which could cause the printed ink to split or crack. With our high quality printing process you can rest assured knowing that your image and personalisation will remain in place, even when using your foldable shopping bag time and time again.

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